"Sarah Haran" takes great pride in the design and craftsmanship off its products. We seek to use only the finest materials and the highest production standards. We strive to make sure every item we sell is perfect.

In the unlikely event that a "Sarah Haran" product does not match up to our high standards we will do our best to address the problem. Our handbags do carry a life time guarantee if something has gone wrong outside of normal wear and tear. Depending on the issue we offer a repair or replacement service. If  any issue has been caused by wear and tear (common issues - too much weight in the bag causing handles or loops to stretch, over rub or dirt build up),  then we will gift you a 40% discount against replacing the product.

If you find an issue with your product please see our Handbag Care section or contact us at hello@sarahharan.com and we will assist you. 

We hope that you will be very happy with your purchase from "Sarah Haran" and wish you much enjoyment with your purchase.