Beautifully Functional

Beautifully functional handbags

Carried by some of the World's leading women, from FTSE CEOs to Fashion Editors, our handbags are beautiful, practical and of the highest quality.

Smartly designed to accommodate everything you might need, our bags are meticulously crafted in the finest materials available and backed up by our lifetime guarantee. Compliments are guaranteed.

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Always Ethical

Don’t compromise on ethics when it comes to your style. We always source our materials from the most ethical and eco friendly suppliers out there

Direct To You

We want to make the best handbags possible. To do this we work with only a handful of retailers, so we can keep our prices affordable. 

Lifetime Guarantee

Designed near Glasgow and produced by our master craftsmen and women in England and Spain, every Sarah Haran bag comes with a lifetime guarantee

Beautifully functional
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Why our bags stand out from the rest

Because our bags are built to last, with a lifetime guarantee, the very best quality goes into every aspect of their creation. Here’s a sneak peek into what makes Sarah Haran women's bags stand out from the rest. We take time to ha...
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Dare to care - How to look after your...

Caring for your bag is the easiest way to maintain its original beauty and keep it in top condition through its lifetime guarantee. We’re fans of responsible fashion, which means buying fewer, better quality things, and doing our p...
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Name our handbag and win!

Meet and WIN the newest addition to the Sarah Haran collection!"I've spent months testing my designs and am so excited to finally be bringing the 'camera bag' to our collection. With its integrated wallet, wraparound zip, internal p...
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