We regularly host or attend events in order to meet with our customers and provide a relaxing shopping environment with a friendly atmosphere, where we bring together women from all different backgrounds who share common interests and can learn from one another.

Style Events

After working for several years in a fast-paced, high profile corporate environment, Sarah gained valuable insight into the profound and positive effects dressing confidently and with style can have on professional women. With women living such busy lifestyles, juggling both work and home life, Sarah realised that not everyone had the resources or knowledge to know how to dress to make themselves feel at the top of their game. It was through this realisation that Sarah Haran Style Events was launched, to enable Sarah and her team to empower women and stimulate discussion on the significance of fashion as a communication tool for modern living.

Presenting alongside her trusted style aficionados, Sarah invites guests to focus on the following themes: 

Personal branding: The impact of our sartorial choices and how we are perceived by others

Accessorising for Success: How well-chosen additions can bring together and enhance any outfit

Styling Ying and Yang: A framework for dressing stylishly and confidently, regardless of the occasion

If you would like Sarah Haran to host an inspirational evening of styling advice and motivational speaking in your area, then please do not hesitate to get in touch at


Past Events

Blythswood Hotel, Glasgow 

Sarah Haran at Blythswood Hotel

Gusto, Glasgow

Sarah Haran at Gusto in Glasgow