Our Favourite Podcasts

At Sarah Haran, we are big promoters of self confidence.

In the past 30 years, there has been a dramatic increase in self criticism. Most women feel dissatisfied with something relating to their appearance, which has lead to poor self-esteem and low levels of confidence. 

So, when we read the recent results of a survey conducted by beauty giant, Glossybox, we were pleasantly surprised to read that lock down has helped women become more confident in themselves than ever before. 

Over 10,000 women were asked what impact the coronavirus restrictions have had on their relationship with their appearance. 

The majority reported that they now feel more confident in their own skin, due to weeks of focusing on themselves at home - an unexpected, but welcome benefit of lock down. 

The shutdown has meant that we interact less with the outside world and the societal pressures that come with it. 

Will we ever go back to wearing jeans? An underwire bra? A full face of make-up? 

Rather than spending time worrying about our appearance during lock down, we have much preferred interacting with women in our Bags of Joy group, focusing on topics that evoke only positive emotions.

A highlight for us has been cheering on the accomplishments of other women, and seeing our community support them in recognition of our Heroic Key Worker each week.

Over the past 12 weeks, we've swooned over snaps of customers cute dogs, been blown away with creativity for our 'Handbags at Home' competition, turned Sarah into a video superstar, collaborated with other female founded brands and interviewed some truly inspirational women. 

But what have some of our ladies been up to?

Recording podcasts, it appears! Here's a few of our favourites, that are packed full of joyful conversations and motivational quips to make you feel good from the inside out....


Rachel McTavish

When shes not presenting the news or promoting her jewellery brand, McTavish Collections, Rachel has been busy hosting her new 'Shedcast'. With guests ranging from Eamon Holmes to Richard Arnold, Bev Lyons to Carol Smile, you're ears are in for a treat with this wonderful podcast! 

Give it a listen here.

Rachel wears our Michelle Carryall Tote.


Jenni Falconer

With mornings spent waking the nation up on her Smooth Radio breakfast show, Jenni spends her spare time promoting all things running! Her podcast, RunPod, looks at what motivates people to start - and continue - running. She chats to a whole host of celebrity and fitness figures who love nothing more than pounding the pavement. 

Definitely worth a listen for some fitness motivation! Tune in here.

Jenni wears our Marie Camera Bag.


Kate Thornton

In between her daily home workouts and presenting gigs, Kate has been a busy bee with her "White Wine Question Time" podcast.

As soon as we saw our favourite drink in the title, we knew we were onto a winner. The podcast is designed to leave listeners feeling like they've just spent a fabulous evening around the kitchen table with their most uplifting girlfriends - something we could all use right now!

A wonderful celebration of true female friendships, each episode brings thought-provoking questions to celebrity guests. Give it a listen here.

Kate wears our Dahlia 2-in-1 Tote.