Designing the Ivy

sketch book ivy

Once I designed the Dahlia handbag it was clear that the front pocket would actually be a great handbag on it's own. All it needed was a strap and it's own tassel to create its own personality and my customers could purchase a smaller handbag that was just as versatile and smaller for those moments when a bigger handbag was not needed. It became a simple decision to split the front pocket away from the handbag and so I set off creating a new pattern. 

During this process I also realised that the bag would also be a great way of updating a Dahlia - the concept of a simple way to update your handbag for every style occasion was born.

Deciding what to name the handbag was the next challenge and eventually I decided to name it after the Ivy plant. Though much maligned (it is often accused of overspreading) the Ivy is a key plant in any garden, providing all year round colour and ground cover. I also like the way it clings to buildings and trees and has a pivotal role in gardens as it provides wildlife food and shelter. I was struck by how my new front pocket design would be playing a key functional role in my handbag range. The Ivy was born.

ivy in zebra image

Every season I source new colours and types of leathers to use in our Ivy range. We have also included new tassels and pompoms that can be used to personalise the Ivy and of course it is so versatile in the way that you can wear it - cross body, as a clutch or with a beautiful silver chain, with the tassel on the front or the back (if on the back it looks amazing with the press studs displayed for an extra bit of edge).  It's the perfect go to handbag that has become very popular with our customers.