Our customers opinions matter more than anything and we are incredibly grateful to people like you, who love our bags and have supported our brand by telling all your friends and loved ones about Sarah Haran. So we wanted to set up a program that’s rewards your loyalty. Now whether you shop with us or tell your friends and family about Sarah Haran, we’ve got you covered.

More than just a rewards program, Sarah Haran VIP Club is your free ticket to offers, perks & exclusives created just for you and for the first time, we're also offering £40 for referring your friends. To join our club, simply click on the Rewards & Referrals button on the bottom left and create an account.

Thank you for all the support so far and for joining us on our journey to make the World’s best handbags, ethically and at fair prices.

Sarah & The Team

Points for Joining

Receive 400 points for joining our VIP Club and up to 400 extra points for following our social pages and telling your friends about Sarah Haran on yours.

Points for Shopping

Get 1 point for every £1 you spend at Sarah Haran (or more if you're in our Platinum Tier) and get a £5 reward for every £100 you spend (or 100 points you earn).

Just For You Exclusives

Want exclusive access to all our biggest moments? You’ll be first to know about special promotions, sales, events, announcements and giveaways.

Give £40, Get £40

For every friend you introduce to Sarah Haran, they’ll get £40 off their first order and once your friend makes a purchase, we’ll give you 800 points (£40 credit) to go towards your next online order over £100.

Rewarding Loyalty

For customers spending more than £500 a year with us, we're giving you even more in our Gold + Platinum tiers. Extra points for reaching each tier, bonus birthday points, FREE global returns and exclusive 2x and 3x points days.

Bonus Points Days

VIP Gold and Platinum members get 2x points days and Platinum members get 3x points days. That means your point-earning potential goes into overdrive on every purchase for an entire day.

VIP Club VIP Gold VIP Platinum
HOW TO QUALIFY Free to join Spend £500 a year Spend £1,000 a year
POINTS FOR JOINING 400 points = £20 Reward
REWARDS £100 spent (100 points) = £5 Reward £100 spent (100 points) = £5 Reward £100 spent (100 points) = £5 Reward
POINTS FOR SHOPPING £1 = 1 point £1 = 1 point £1 = 2 points
GIVE £40, GET £40 ✔️ ✔️ ✔️
BONUS FOR REACHING NEW TIER 400 points = £20 Reward 600 points = £30 Reward
BIRTHDAY BONUS POINTS 200 points = £10 Reward 400 points = £20 Reward 600 points = £30 Reward
RETURNS FREE 14 Day Global Returns FREE 28 Day Global Returns