T-bar/ Keyring Convertor 2 way Shipping Service

Regular price £20.00 GBP

Our tassels are the perfect accessory for restyling your handbags and with our convertor service you can now make any of your t-bar tassels dual purpose - use the t-bar to restyle our handbags with an eyelet or use with the Magic O Ring.

Once we have converted the t-bar tassel you will be able to use the tassel on a Michelle or Marie, or use the t-bar tassel independently as a keyring.  Simply add the Magic O Ring onto the t-bar tassel and use this as an attachment onto a bag handle/D Ring or for your keys.

The t-bar tassel will need a Magic O Ring in order to attach it to the bag, so if you do not have one then select the service that includes the O Ring.

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