Returns/Exchanges Shipping Advice

This information will help guide you through the shipping processes associated with returning or exchanging goods: 

Festive Period Deliveries:

We are taking a well earned break from 24th December to 5th January 2021. Deliveries will still be carried out but may take up 3-5 days as DHL and its network closes.

Please also note that the current issues with Dover will impact any European deliveries which may take up to 1 week to arrive. We are so sorry about that.


We are sorry that you have decided to return the goods to us. Our annual return rate is well below industry standard and is only 1% per annum (other online retailers usually have a 20% plus return rate) but we want you to be happy with your choices so appreciate that you wish to return the goods. Please ensure this is done within 14 days of the initial sale. 

Return Shipping:

  • Choose how you wish to return. We will email you a DHL label or you can return yourself at your convenience. 
  • We can process a return for you via DHL at a subsidised cost of £5.00 to cover the shipping. We do not charge for organising the return. If you are outside the UK then we can arrange a DHL label but you will need to cover the shipping costs and/or taxes that may be associated with the  return.
  • If you choose DHL then we will email you a label which you must print out and attach to the original parcel. DHL will pick up from 9 am to 9 pm Monday to Friday. We cannot arrange pick ups outside these times. Let us know when it is convenient to pick up the goods which must be within 7 days of the sale.


If you wish to exchange something we are very happy to assist. Please let us know what you would like to exchange and we will sort it out for you. You can use either of the following services to make the exchange process as convenient as possible for you:

We process the exchange for you end to end. Please click on the link below to activate this service:

Or you can send the product back and we will then carry out the exchange. Please activate this service here:

Package up with Care:

The following is advice for ensuring that our products are returned to us in the same pristine condition that we sent them to you. We are sure that you appreciate that damaged or soiled goods will be impossible for us to accept as a return so please do take the time to package up with care. Please refer to the following video and points for advice - 

  • Please package up the goods carefully in the box using the tissue and the original packing that the product was sent to you in.
  • Tassels should be removed from eyelets and wrapped back up in tissue
  • Chains/straps must be wrapped in their original tissue. Do not leave chains in particular rattling in the box as they will damage the goods.
  • Do not fold handles into the bags

image of correctly packaged goods


  • On receipt of the returned item(s), we will issue you a refund asap and certainly within 7 working days. You will receive your refund via the original method of payment excluding our £3.00 admin fee and any non UK shipping fees should you opt for us to arrange the return on your behalf.