Handbag Purchase Tips

 Some things in life should never be rushed. This includes choosing who you marry, buying a car or house or even buying your next handbag. Here at VVA HQ we know just how important a handbag purchase can be! 

This was backed up when we recently read a report that suggested that over 50% of women admit that they take over a month when deciding whether or not to purchase a handbag! Apparently researchers were so baffled by this statistic they started to look into what determines how a woman chooses which handbag is the perfect handbag.  

Researchers analysed the results of more than 140 surveys and examined data from on line shopping apps to find out how buyers pick their most important accessory. Many women admitted that they very much loved searching for a new handbag, they are willing to search for up to a month to get it just right and 6 out of 10 claimed to hunt through online stores until they were sure that the handbag was perfect.

Rohan Deuskar, from fashion technology firm Stylitics, stated that "picking a new handbag seems closer to buying a car than to buying clothing. The result is that buyers end up much more satisfied with their purchase. It's a victory at the end of a long journey".  We get that and so we thought the following tips for things to look for when "stalking" the perfect handbag might assist!

  • make sure the leather is good quality with as few blemishes as possible. Remember leather will last and will age beautifully, much more so than pleather that will crack/split over time. Check out our guide - http://www.vva.co.uk/pages/all-about-leather
  • if you are looking for quality then opting for a handcrafted handbag will mean the handbags are generally made in small production houses or designer Ateliers so you can be sure the quality will be higher
  • try to consider where the handbag is made - do your bit and buy British - VVA decided long ago to make in Britain - http://www.vva.co.uk/pages/made-in-britain
  • check if the handbag is guaranteed and for how long for, is there an authenticity card included inside the handbag? VVA guarantee their handbags for 12 months, see here for reassurance - http://www.vva.co.uk/pages/returns
  • make sure the handbag is well made - check the stitching all over, make sure there are no breaks in the stitching and that all edges are turned or finished so they do not fray or give.
  • check the metal hardware is smooth, hopefully light weight with no bubbles on the metalwork so the finish does not flake off with use
  • if you want different ways of wearing then check there is a strap for cross body wearing or there are ways to make the handbag look different - VVA specialise in handbag versatility - http://www.vva.co.uk/pages/how-to-wear
  • check out the interior of the handbag and make sure you are satisfied with the amount of pockets and that they are double stitched at the top of the pocket to ensure they do not easily give. Its also a bonus if the pocket edges are trimmed in leather as this provides a better finish and makes the pockets more hardwearing. 
  • Black and navy are the most popular colour choice but be bold and choose another colour - red, maroon or even a sand colour are the next most popular choices. 
  • if you are more price conscious and want to make sure you get a good quality product consider purchasing a less expensive accessory from the retailer first - at VVA you could purchase a keyring - http://www.vva.co.uk/collections/tassel or a pouch http://www.vva.co.uk/collections/handcrafted-leather-pouches to see just how good the quality of our product is

Oh, and in case you thought that you might overspend on an expensive handbag spare a thought for a recent purchaser who bid £206,000 for a Hermes handbag at auction recently - the Diamond Himalaya Birkin bag was made from albino crocodile skin, with a goatskin lining which was dyed to match the exterior colour of the crocodile skin, and it was finished with diamond encrusted straps. We wonder if that proud new owner took a month to decide on that handbag!