Handbag Care & Guarantee

Sarah Haran Accessories create beautiful leather bags from the most carefully chosen and finest natural leathers. The leather used is of the highest quality, and always from reputable, ethical sources.

Different leathers age in different ways and some are more delicate than others. The beauty of leather is that it ages beautifully and acquires a vintage patina. Look after your handbag and it will last a lifetime.  As a general rule, you should take care to avoid rubbing delicate, smooth or patent leather types against rough or sharp surfaces to minimise scratching. Should your handbag get wet remove any residual water immediately with a paper towel, pack loosely with paper and allow it to dry naturally. Do not place the handbag on a heat source, just let it air dry. Regularly dust or brush with a soft brush, or wipe clean with a slightly damp cloth. You can use cleaners or polishers (such as Pedag) but make sure you stick to the manufacturer’s instructions and always test product in a small non visible area as we cannot guarantee the result.

We know that many of our customers are using alcohol-based hand sanitiser quite frequently at the moment. Please be assured that your bag will not be affected by clean, dry hands following the use of sanitiser, however, when sanitiser is still wet it can degrade the surface finish or colour of leather so please be careful and make sure your hands are full dry after application.

Caring for your handbag is essential and will maintain the life of your product. We recommend Pedag Products.

Repair or Replace under Guarantee

Handbags will develop wear & tear depending on how often you use your handbag and wear and tear should be expected. Our bags are made to be used but should be loved at the same time! Following the instructions above will help maintain the beauty. 

Areas of wear and tear that are out with our guarantee are:


The leather we use is a full grain leather of the highest quality but as the bag is used wear will develop, particularly on the back of the handbag, on the handles and corners of the bag or scrapes or scuffs in the leather. This is normal wear and tear and is not covered by our guarantee to repair or replace.


Hardware will continue to do its job but will not feel joy if you continually pull at the snaps, over shine the hardware using strong chemical cleaners or are heavy handed with the poppers or strap snaps lose tension due to weight. 

All our bags carry a lifetime guarantee from the date of purchase. Within the first 12 months if you have an issue with the bag that is not wear and tear we will repair or, if necessary, replace at no extra cost. (An original proof of purchase will be required). However, if within the first 12 months the bag has been hurt due to excessive wear and tear (we can tell if the joy has been sapped out of your bag) then we will either repair (a charge may apply) or provide you with a 40% off voucher to replace your bag.

Out with the initial 12 month period we will assess the damage and determine if damage has been caused by wear and tear. We will offer a repair or provide a 40% off voucher to replace your bag.

Please email us at hello@sarahharan.com for assistance.