Join us in Spreading Joy!

Moments of joy can lift the human spirit; even in our darkest moments joy can shine through. Inspired by our community, who continually told us our bags bring them joy, we decided to spread joy further.

Through our #Bagsofjoy community, we launched our “Spread Joy” initiative. Each month, we ask our community to nominate someone they believe could benefit from some joy. The community then vote, and we send the nominee with the most votes a beautifully curated Sarah Haran gift box to help lift their spirits and create a moment of joy for them.

During the height of the pandemic, our community wanted to recognise the amazing work of those on the front line. Each week, we were flooded with stories of people putting their lives on the line to get the nation through Covid. We were humbled to be able to send 10 of these amazing women an exclusive Sarah Haran Box of Joy.

Although in the grand scheme of life spreading joy may seem minor, we believe that sharing positive & heartwarming moments and acts of kindness that we have witnessed, has been a very humbling experience for us all. The wonderful women below are just some of our hero's that we have recognised for their incredible efforts, by sending some joy their way.

Get involved by joining our #Bags of Joy Group and nominate someone who you think deserves recognition...

Dr Katie McAlpine

During the pandemic, Katie has been working on the front line in the Acute Medicine department in Glasgow. 

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Sharon Drake

A key worker in Morrisons, Sharon had to deal with some major changes in her role as the way we shopped changed dramatically.

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Patricia Cairns

A carer in the Inverclyde community, this wonder woman has been out on a daily basis, helping the elderly and most vulnerable.

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Jane Burges

An ICU nurse and educator, Jane was quickly moved to the Nightingale hospital in the height of the pandemic to support.

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Fiona Cushnaghan

As well as being the primary carer for her daughter with Cerebral Palsy, Fiona also volunteered to look after key workers kids & support those shielding.

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Lauren Richardson

Lauren has been tirelessly working at Tesco starting at 4am 6 days a week, then straight home for homeschooling her daughter

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Kirsty Donnelly

Working for a major bank, Kirsty has been helping those dealing with financial hardship, as well as helping patients recently discharged from hospital.

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Sarah Jane Shewring

A  hard working team leader for a radiology department, Sarah has also had to deal with her dad suffering a heart attack & catching Covid.

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Felicity Wordie

Felicity has been working flat out in the Covid ICU unit, 40% of staff in Felicitys hospital have tested positive for illness.

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Cerys Erwood

Cerys is a science teacher and has been working incredibly hard throughout the pandemic to ensure the kids get the best education possible. She had to postpone her dream wedding & honeymoon in light of the pandemic.

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Imogen Colinswood

Imogen is very ill with a rare liver condition for her age, but she managed to give birth to her first-born in May 2019 with terrible complications. She was then diagnosed in January with type 1 diabetes in January.

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Jackie Gilmour

Jackie lost her lovely dad to cancer a few years ago after a long illness. Within a couple of years her mum was diagnosed with cancer and died within 2 weeks. She really died of a broken heart.

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