Introducing The Dahlia Bloom

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Not only do our handbags offer unbeatable versatility, practicality and quality, but they will make you feel confident and filled with joy as you go about your day. 

We have created this wonderful offer for first time customers only, to give you a feel for our brand & bags and try our incredible restyle concept for yourself. 

Bloomin' Joyful

First thing's first -

We pride ourselves on our flawless 5 star reviews! Not only do we produce outstanding bags, but we also deliver exceptional customer service. 

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The Joy of Organisation

How the Bloom works...

The Bag

The sleek & sophisticated design of the Bloom makes it the perfect bag for all occasions. Its well though out internal functionality keeps you organised through the day.


Help your bag bloom into something beautifully different by using our wide range of accessories to change its look. Match your bag to your style, mood and any occasion!


Create the full Dahlia 2-in-1 look by adding an Ivy clutch to the front of your bag. Mix it up with a different colour or print, or keep it matching to your bag.

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Join the hundreds of women who already own a Dahlia Bloom and find out for yourself why they love it so much.

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The quality of the leather is excellent, the signature pink interior is gloriously cheerful, the hardware is great quality and the overall finish is stunning. Can you tell I love my bag?

Ellen B

What a delight to open my first Dahlia Bloom. My sister had said it's the best bag she's ever had - and now I understand why. Exquisitely made and immensely versatile - I absolutely love it!

Sharon J