Handbag Care Products


To maintain the beauty of your handbag we advise the use of the pedag eco friendly cleaning range to help maintain your leather handbag or accessories.

Details on caring for your products are below:

Pure Cleanser 1 is the 1st step of the range and is an extremely effective  cleanser for leather. The mild foam dissolves dirt and stains easily.

  • Remove loose dirt from the bag with a brush or cloth
  • Moisten a clean brush with lukewarm water.
  • Shake well before use. Apply a few sprays of PURE CLEANSER to the brush or the surface to be cleaned.
  • Scrub the surface in order to create rich foam. Always clean the entire surface of the leather to prevent differences in colour after drying.
  • You can treat persistent stains directly with PURE CLEANSER. Simply spray on stains, let absorb for 1-3 minutes, and buff.
  • Wipe leather dry with a clean cloth. Repeat steps above if necessary.
  • Allow the leather to dry at room temperature for 24 hours. After drying: brush out suede with an appropriate brush, in order to restore the look, feel and patina of the cleaned material. Buff smooth leather with a cloth for shine.
  • Do carry out a patch test on the base of the bag just to make sure you are happy with initial results

Pure Conditioner 2 is the 2nd part of the range and conditions the leather.

  • Remove loose dirt from the bag with a brush or cloth
  • Shake well before use.
  • Use the pump to dispense a small amount of Deep Conditioner onto a clean soft cloth
  • Evenly spread over the entire surface, and gently rub in. Always treat the entire surface of the leather to prevent differences in colour after drying
  • Allow to dry at room temperature for 10 minutes
  • Do carry out a patch test somewhere hidden like the base of the bag before use in order to test material compatibility and to prevent discoloration

Pure Natural Protector is step 3 and is an environmentally friendly water proofer . 98% biodegradable, 100% protective

  • Ensure that the surface is clean. Note: It is possible to use NATURAL PROTECTOR on wet surfaces.
  • Shake bottle well before use.
  • Spray NATURAL PROTECTOR evenly over the entire surface from a distance of 15 cm until the surface is damp.
  • Gently rub NATURAL PROTECTOR into the material with a clean cloth or brush in order to achieve maximum penetration.
  • When treating multicoloured surfaces: start with the lightest colour. Use another cloth for each colour to prevent colour bleed.
  • For maximum effect, wait for 10 minutes and repeat step the above steps.
  • Wait another 10 minutes and remove any excess not absorbed with an absorbent cloth in order to ensure even drying. Also remove residue from non-absorbent materials, such as metal and rubber.
  • Allow the bag to dry at room temperature for 24 hours

You can purchase all three protectors in the Pedag range.