Brand Ambassador Programme

The Advantages of becoming a Sarah Haran Ambassador

 • Primarily to help us on our mission to spread joy among new handbag lovers who you think would love our concept! 

 • To earn as you spread joy - commission and complimentary handbags

• You can work flexibly, choosing your own hours and your own place of work

• You can fit your Sarah Haran role around an existing job without compromise

• You can be confident that you are recommending products that are manufactured to the highest quality, according to exemplary ethical standards, using environmentally friendly and sustainable fabrications and components

• Products are dispatched direct to your customers by the Sarah Haran Team

• There is no requirement for you to chase up payment for your customers products as they can pay directly on the website

• There is no requirement for you to invest in a set of samples. As a lover of the brand you are likely to already own some Sarah Haran products. When you start work as an Ambassador, you will be given a priority access to special purchases such as ex photo-shoot product and samples.
Whether you see the opportunity to take on the role of a Sarah Haran Ambassador as a means of funding your own Sarah Haran purchases, or as an extra source of income, you will have support along the way.

The Ambassador Programme Agreement:
In order to ensure that Sarah Haran has a uniform brand identity and a positive brand image we have a set of rules for governance and communication.
We approach customers with respect and clarity and our Ambassador Programme is based on informing people about our unique products through personal, word-of-mouth recommendations.
1     Customers
1.0   All customers registered with Sarah Haran are customers of Sarah Haran, not the Ambassador.
1.1   The personal data of customers should not be used or kept by the Ambassador once they have been registered as Sarah Haran customers.
1.2   A new customer must be registered with Sarah Haran by sending an email to  This email should detail the customer name, address, email address and how they were acquired.  It should must be sent before, or within 24 hours after a new customer places an order for product in order to qualify for commission on that purchase.
1.3   Existing Sarah Haran customers cannot be claimed to have been acquired by an Ambassador prior to the acceptance date of this agreement.
2      Remuneration
2.0   The Ambassador is not employed by Sarah Haran.  The Ambassador receives commission for purchases made by customers they introduce to the brand 
2.1  You will receive 10% or 15% commission on all first orders (of +£200 plus value) of customers you have introduced to the brand per quarter (following the procedure laid out in 1.2 above) as follows:
 5-8 customers - 10%

9-15 customers - 10%

16-19 customers - 15%

20+ customers - 15%

2.2   All customers introduced will also go towards you earning a complimentary Sarah Haran bag based on the number of new customers that you introduce each quarter.
 5-8 customers - Violet bag or similar
9-15 customers - Jasmine bag or similar
16-19 customers -Dahlia tote handbag
20+ customers - Dahlia tote handbag and Pop of Colour Ivy
2.4   Sarah Haran reserves the right to alter the programme, with 1 month notice of any changes made to be given to Ambassadors.
2.5   Sarah Haran will pay commission earned by Ambassadors 1 month in arrears (e.g. any commission earned during the month of June will be paid at the end of July). Complimentary handbags will be awarded at the end of each quarter
2.6   Commission earned will be paid directly into the Ambassador’s bank account.
2.7   Ambassador’s bank details should be provided to Sarah Haran 1 month in advance of the initial expected remuneration date to ensure timely payment.
2.8   Commission will not be paid on items returned by the customer, for any reason, within the current returns period.
2.9   All commission is paid on the retail price paid by the customer, after any discounts are applied.
2.10   An Ambassador will earn not commission on their own personal purchases
2.11   Sarah Haran must be notified of any incorrect payment of commission within 7 days of the incorrect payment.  After this time payments will be regarded as accepted.


3   Conduct

3.0  An
 Ambassador is always to be open and transparent about the purpose and substance of any customer communication, meeting or event. 

3.1   An Ambassador is always exemplary in their behaviour, friendly, respectful and in no way obtrusive to customers or potential customers.  

3.2   Any customer communication, meeting or event should be conducted in a way that is appropriate to the Sarah Haran brand image. 

3.3   Only imagery and language provided by, or authorised by Sarah Haran, should be used in customer social media content and communication. 

3.4   The current prices and promotional prices offered by Sarah Haran determine the price of the products to the customer.  Customer discounts at the discretion of the Ambassador, that are not specified in the current pricing, are not permitted under any circumstances. 

3.5   An Ambassador should not make any false claims about the Sarah Haran product to the customer and should recommend the product based on either personal experience of the product, or on information available on the Sarah Haran website. 

3.6   An Ambassador is not permitted to respond to press and blogger queries relating to Sarah Haran products and must forward all such queries directly to Sarah Haran. 


4      Agreement 

An Ambassador must confirm their acceptance of this agreement by sending an email to, prior to contacting any customers 

Any infringement of this agreement by Sarah Haran or the Ambassador will cause the immediate termination of the agreement.  

In the event of a termination of this agreement, commission due according to this agreement, will be paid by Sarah Haran under the terms outlined in term 2 Remuneration.