Brand Ambassador Programme

Want to earn money for recommending the Sarah Haran products you love?

Then our brand ambassador programme could be just the thing for you...

No specialist skills are required to start as a Sarah Haran Ambassador. The most important requirement is that you love Sarah Haran products and you are able to talk positively and enthusiastically about them in order to recommend them to others.

You should have...

What does a brand ambassador do?

An ambassador should alreadt regularly use Sarah Haran products in everyday life. They should naturally talk positively about the combination of beauty and practicality, that is associated with Sarah Haran products, and be able to point out features and benefits in order to recommend them to others; your friends, your acquaintances, your colleagues, your local community. The aim is to build a network of potential customers and to encourage them to engage in Sarah Haran content; emails, Facebook and Instagram groups etc. Ambassadors should also notify them of new product launches and special offers 

What's expected of an ambassador?

Why should you join?

• You are able to work as little or as much as you choose and work flexibly, choosing your own hours and your own place of work

• There are no targets to hit, other than those you have set for yourself. You start earning from your first sale, no matter the value of the transaction, and you earn commission on your own personal purchases

• You can fit your Sarah Haran role around an existing job without compromise

• You can secure yourself an extra source of income, calculated in a fair and transparent way, paid directly into your bank account on a monthly basis

• You can be confident that you are recommending products that are manufactured to the highest quality, according to exemplary ethical standards, using environmentally friendly and sustainable fabrications and components 

• Sarah Haran customers are extremely loyal and the products themselves can be restyled with new accessories, so you can expect your customers to repeat purchase

• Products are dispatched direct to your customers by the Sarah Haran Team

• There is no requirement for you to chase up payment for your customers products, unless you choose to do so, as they can pay directly on the website

• There is no requirement for you to invest in a set of samples.  As a lover of the brand you are likely to already own some Sarah Haran products.  When you start work as an Ambassador, you will be given a priority access to special purchases such as ex photo-shoot product and samples. 

What to expect...

You will have our full support!

Whether you see the opportunity to take on the role of a Sarah Haran Ambassador as a means of funding your own Sarah Haran purchases, or your holiday, or as an extra source of income for you or your family, you will have support along the way. 

Promotion Potential

Commission Structure

You will receive commission for each recommendation you make to one of your customers, which results in a sale. Once registered, the new customers you introduce to the brand, belong to you as long as you are working as an Ambassador. Regardless of whether the purchase is made directly on the website or through you, you will receive commission for all of your customers purchases on a monthly basis.

As well as personal commission, there is also an opportunity for you to recruit a team of up to 15 people, whose sales will generate team commission for you and individual commission for them.