Brand Ambassador Programme

Want to earn money for recommending the Sarah Haran products you love?

Then our brand ambassador programme could be just the thing for you...

No specialist skills are required to start as a Sarah Haran Ambassador. The most important requirement is that you love Sarah Haran products and you are able to talk positively and enthusiastically about them in order to recommend them to others.

You should have...

What does a Brand Ambassador do?

An Ambassador should already regularly use Sarah Haran products in everyday life. They should naturally talk positively about the combination of beauty and versatility, that is associated with Sarah Haran products, and be able to point out features and benefits in order to recommend them to others; your friends, your acquaintances, your colleagues, your local community. The aim is to build a network of potential customers and to encourage them to engage in Sarah Haran content; emails, Facebook and Instagram groups etc. Ambassadors should also notify them of new product launches and special offers 

What's expected of an Ambassador?

Why should you join?

There are many reasons as to why you should join the Ambassador Programme as it is great fun to be a part of and you will get a lot of joy from talking about products that you love to other people.

Read our summary here to join here, as well as what you should expect, commission rates and a full list of the T's & C's that come with being an ambassador for Sarah Haran.