Beautifully Versatile

Like most women, we love the idea of one handbag that does it all. 

It's why I designed our best selling Dahlia 2-in-1 tote. It combines versatility, style & function, all into one beautiful bag. This bag has everything you need to express your own, individual style and look and feel confident at the same time. 

Even better - you can change it's look to go with just about everything in your wardrobe!

As a former high-flying Chief Operating Officer of a UK Plc cloud computing firm, whilst juggling being a mum of 2, I am no stranger to the challenges that our daily lives can throw at us. I stand by what I have always said - 

"Every woman should feel confident and empowered no matter where they are or what they are doing. And that all starts with the right handbag!"

From Chief Operating Officer of a cloud computing firm, to CEO of the brand behind the new 'It' handbag.

Is there a woman over 30 who hasn't looked at herself in the mirror and not felt ready to take on the day?

When I was working in my previous role, I'd constantly be in a rush; between the school run, gym, commuting to the office and after work events, I didn't have a minute. I constantly felt disorganised and it really started to frustrate me!

For me, there are 8 key issues women face with their handbag: 

1. Lack of functionality 

2. Not enough internal storage 

3. All look the same 

4. Poor quality 

5. Items get lost at the bottom 

6. Need several bags for each different occasion 

7. Only goes with certain outfits

8. Goes out of fashion

I've tried all types of handbags in an attempt to make myself feel more organised in my life. Many big brand names in all shapes and size, but none really made a difference. I was frustrated and fed up; I needed to find a solution.

And that's when it hit me!

I could sit back and wait for someone to design the 'perfect handbag', or I could use my skill set and do it myself!

By designing and developing my own handbag that made me look and feel amazing in my day to day life, I was quickly convinced it would be revolutionary for other women too!

Imagine leaving the house feeling confident. Having your bag by your side, knowing you have everything neatly organised to take on whatever life throws at you. When you look your best, you feel it too. 

See what this 'life changing' bag can do for you. 

Sarah Haran is trusted by 100's of women around the world.


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My inspirational journey from IT Chief Operating Officer to becoming the ultimate handbag designer, helping women all over the world feel their best has been featured in:

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"Wow...what can I say? This bag is simply life changing! I am a handbag addict and I can honestly say that nothing compares to these!"

Julie R

"There's something really very special about these handcrafted designer bags that punch way above other mainstream designer bags!"

Avril T

So now you have a choice...

You can either continue searching for the perfect handbag - or - if  you are ready to look in the mirror before you leave the house, carrying a Sarah Haran handbag and feel amazing, ready to receive a barrage of 'where did you get that bag?' questions, then you sound like just the type of person who is ready to try our Dahlia 2-in-1 tote.

Sarah Haran handbags are made for the modern day woman.

We use the highest quality leather and finishes, which is why I am so comfortable giving my handbags a lifetime guarantee. If there is anything at all you are not happy about, we are right on hand to fix the problem as quickly and smoothly as possible. 

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Let me show you our hero handbag in action:

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