Joyful Jewel T-Bar

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We are delighted to share with you our exquisitely beautiful Joyful Jewel T-bar tassel. Each unique tassel is hand made and is adorned in unique joyful gems that sit in the centre of each piece. These tassels will surely elevate your Sarah Haran handbag instantly. 

Made using a mix of gems such as coloured quartz, amethyst and white chalcedony. The unique white chalcedony gem is also a nurturing stone that brings the mind, body and spirit into harmony. It enhances the love of it's owner and is used to increase love and luck!

The hardware on this product is a mix of gold and silver - the t-bar itself is silver and the links are gold to create a beautiful contrast. Each piece is unique with the central gem set in a round, diamond or tear drop piece.

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Joyful Jewel

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