Jasmine Handbag

Sale price £165.00 GBP

The Jasmine handbag was inspired by Sarah's desire to create a handbag that would introduce her unique concept to handbag lovers everywhere. Normally £295, we have thoughtfully priced this to make it much more inclusive. As such we have excluded any 20% codes being used on this bag, however all customers can enjoy 10% off this product at any time using code JASMINE10 at check out giving a retail price of £148.00

This beautifully versatile handbag is the perfect base to start building your Sarah Haran collection. 

Beautifully versatile

The Jasmine handbag is a beautiful and elegant bag that is a joy to carry. The modern and versatile design is lightweight and roomy, making it your perfect companion for all occasions. 

True to the Sarah Haran concept you can easily restyle the bag by adding tassels, straps or an extra compartment by clipping on an Ivy bag. This is one handbag that gives you endless styling opportunities.

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Ivy Mini Bag

All of our Ivy mini bags fit perfectly onto the Jasmine. Choose a matching colour, or opt for a contrasting colour or print.

Double Bag

The Ivy attaches to the back of the Jasmine, creating a unique double bagging effect and giving you more space for your belongings.

Restyle Your Bag

Choose from our extensive range of accessories to change up the style of your bag as many times as you like.

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