BOJ Q1 21 - Fern - Reservation Only

Regular price £5.00 GBP

Meet Fern, a unique and exclusive new design exclusively for the BOJ Q1 2021. Our beautiful Fern tote bag is sure to bring joy to your day when you carry her. 

Remember at this stage you are simply RESERVING a bag. To carry this  complimentary bag you must be a member of our VIP club and spend £575 from date of reservation and 31st March 2021.

Not a VIP? Don't worry, you can  join the club here prior to reserving your Fern. 

The Fern tote bag is a stunning bag that can be worn on its own and restyled using our range of accessories to create a different look. Finished in buttery soft Italian leather with a wipeable interior lining in our signature pink. 

The Fern includes a deco connector strip which will allow you to attach the Violet clutch or simply remove and you can attach any Ivy from the range. Have endless joy restyling the Fern by attaching different tassels, straps and decorative strips! 

Please note Key Reservation Details:

If not already a member you must join our VIP club. Use the link above.

*You must reserve your bag in advance of spending towards the £575. Any purchases made prior to reserving this bag will not count towards your overall promotional spend.*

Choose your bag carefully as we cannot guarantee that we can swap a colour

This promotion is only available while stocks last. 

You are able to use your 10% VIP discount on purchases made towards the overall spend. No other discount code will apply unless we specify during a promotion

*Full Ts & Cs apply - so please read our FAQs here.

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