What flower are you?

Perhaps you were an avid gardener before lockdown, or perhaps you have taken up the hobby since then. Either way, the odds are that many of us have grown some green-fingers over the past few months and are turning over a new leaf to keep our gardens in check! 

But what flower do you think you should plant next? Whether your style is soft muted neutrals, brightly coloured 70's inspired psychedelics, functional flowers or minimalist styling, our quiz will help you decide what flower is best for you. 

And when you go to pick up your seeds from the supermarket, don't forget to take your Sarah Haran bag with you! 

To find out what flower (and bag) matches you, just take our quiz here...

Who is your celebrity gardening icon? 
a) Oprah Winfrey 
b) Jessica Alba
c) Martha Stewart
d) Sienna Miller 

What is your favourite colour out of the following? 
a) deep red
b) sunflower yellow
c) blush pink
d) teal blue 

What is the first thing you do after a hard day of gardening? 
a) Phone your friend for a chat 
b) Cook something nice for dinner
c) Check your phone/emails
d) Have a shower 

What is your go-to gardening outfit? 
a) shirt & jeans
b) floral sundress
c) gardening overalls
d) denim shorts & a t-shirt 

What insect would you rather not encounter when doing the gardening? 
a) caterpillar
b) spider
c) worm
d) bumblebee 

What item do you always carry in your bag, no matter what? 
a) hairbrush
b) lipstick  
c) phone
d) sunglasses 

What are you most likely to be doing on a day off? 
a) planning the flowers & menu for a family members birthday soiree 
b) taking a long leisurely county walk with my significant other
c) checking off everything on my lengthy to-do list 
d) lounging on the sofa with the dogs having a Netflix marathon 

What would you say your biggest strength was? 
a) help others through their problems with good advice 
b) making others smile and laugh 
c) solve problems and make things run more efficiently 
d) defending yourself and winning arguments 

At a party you are...?
a) in your element when you are the hostess
b) sticking to a close circle of friends
c) watching the clock wondering when you can leave
d) being the life and sole! 

The nature element I identify most with is...
a) fire - passion for life 
b) air - go with the flow 
c) water - keep cool under pressure 
d) earth - steadfast and nurturing 

The quote which sums up my life is...
a) “Winning isn’t everything; it’s the only thing.”—Vince Lombardi
b) “Say yes, and you’ll figure it out afterwards.”—Tina Fey
c) “Be pretty if you can, be witty if you must, but be gracious if it kills you.”—Elsie de Wolfe
d) "The measure of intelligence is the ability to change.”—Albert Einstein


Mostly A's - Iris 
Like the Iris flower, you will brighten up the garden and bring cheer to any occasion. You will have quite a presence amongst others - the Iris is a symbol of royalty and power. You are seen as a very trustworthy person and people look to you for wisdom. So while you wait for your Iris's to grow, color-coordinate your bag with your flowers with a pop of red or burgundy.


Mostly B's - Jasmine 
You are a very modest person who has a calming effect in any room. Pure and innocent like the Jasmine flower, you are approachable and friendly and make others feel at ease. Just like you, the Jasmine is very beautiful and even considered a good luck charm in many cultures! Match your bag to your Jasmine flowers with a gorgeous pop of amber.

Mostly C's - Dahlia
Just like you, Dahlia's represent strength, creativity and elegance. You like to stand out from the crowd and know what you want from life, following your own unique path. You love adventure but it is important to find the time for relaxation too! Match your Dahlia bag with your beautiful buds in soft shades of pink.

Mostly D's - Poppy 

A symbol of hope and positivity, the Poppy is also reflective of peace, just like you. You like to keep yourself to yourself and enjoy indulging in some 'me time'. You carry an air of elegance and beauty and like the finer things in life. Like the Poppy will add a pop of colour to your garden, do the same with your bag with warm tones of cranberry