3 ways functional handbags make life easier

Britt Ekland famously said, “I’m very organised these days, and I keep my life in my handbag, like most women.” It’s a sentiment we can all relate to, so it’s worth going for a handbag that can do your life justice, keep things easy, help you feel great and that you love using each day.

Business bags don’t need to be boring. Here are three ways a good functional work bag can simplify your life, help you get organised and take a weight off your shoulders, not add to it.

They let you take more with you.

Good business bags for women get the ratio between space and weight/bulkiness just right. Because, as much as we want to take our lives and the kitchen sink with us, we don’t want to do it at the expense of lugging around a bulky, ungainly bag.

This is where good functional design comes in. Great design will have already done the hard work, identifying the things you most need to be effective in your day and creating bespoke compartments that fit it all in, in the most economical way.

Being organised and having a place for everything (and everything in its place) will actually allow you to fit a surprising amount in, without getting too heavy.

See how much you can fit into our Dahlia Tote Bag, Michelle Carryall Organiser Tote, Jessica Bowling Bag and Marie Camera Bag at the videos below. Large or small, the organisational features in our handcrafted designs make the most of space, regardless of the size of the bag.

Help you to plan ahead.

Having a functional handbag with compartments for your things can help you plan ahead. Not only by working as a visual clue to prompt you on what to pack for your day, but also by taking some of the stress factor out of it.

Having compartments for each of your separate essentials keeps things organised, which gives you a less stressed, more organised mind and helps take some of the tedium out of packing. If you’re anything like us, minimising the faff and stress factor really helps with bypassing packing procrastination.

Let’s face it, trying to pack a bag for work travel, planning outfits and what you might need for events three days in the future is hard enough as it is.

By sparking your joy.

Maybe it’s our inner Monica, but having a neat, well organised handbag gives us so much joy! We suspect it’s the pleasure of feeling on top of things, the confidence that gives and how it sets us up for the rest of the day. Plus, functional handbags can still be things of beauty and a joyful feast for the eyes.

We know from customer feedback that we aren’t alone here, and one way to see if your work bag is truly right for you is to check in with how much you use it. If you can’t wait to use it every day because of how simple it makes everything and how beautiful it looks, then you really are on to a winner.

Read on for some of the ways Sarah Haran handcrafted and functional handbags have sparked joy for our customers.

“I love LOVE my Michelle bag in pale blue. The organiser inside has literally changed my life! I can find my keys and phone easily and the water bottle sits upright so no spillage. Lovely quality and finish. Has had many comments already. Thank you 😊💕

Anne M.

“I now have three Dahlia’s in orange, black and cream - it is such a versatile bag. It’s easy to organise for everyday with lots of pockets and with the pink lining it’s easy to see everything. The leather is buttery soft and very luxurious, and the front pouch makes a fantastic evening bag. I find myself using them more than any other bags I have as they are so easy to carry.”

Kathryn P.

“I ordered the Dahlia Tote Bag in Black and Pink. Both bags are beautiful and are just what I have been looking for. The idea of a smaller detachable bag is brilliant for just popping round the shops without lugging around a well filled larger bag, for holidays and day-to-night occasions.

 Lisa L.

"The bags are of such good quality and a great price for a Bespoke design and are definitely a forever bag. You can also interchange the smaller Ivy bags to give a completely different look…”

Lisabeth P.

“First of all, the service I received was impeccable. I had a couple of questions pre-order and the speediness and friendliness of the responses were excellent. The bag itself is absolutely beautiful. The leather is so soft, the finish is smooth and the ‘extras’ I bought to change up the look were perfect. I travel a lot for business and this bag will be ideal for trips away.... organisation and beauty in one bag.... fabulous!”

Jill P.

“Beautifully made Dahlia bag. Custom design makes the perfect bag. Very versatile and practical. Sarah is very helpful and responsive a pleasure to do business with.”

Vanessa R.

“What a fantastic brand. The design of all products is amazing, the attention paid to the detail and leather used in all products is of such a high quality. The customer service very professional and thoughtful. Thank you for making purchasing from you a delightful experience. Wishing Sarah and the Sarah Haran Brand every success in the further. A must have bag for all bag lovers.”

Teresa G. 

“My Sarah Haran Dahlia bag is the best investment I have made. By adding accessories, it can be dressed up or down to suit every occasion.”

Fiona C. 


“I have bought several bags. All great quality and very well designed. Fantastic service. I love the concept of changing from a stylish and practical work bag to a fun and quirky playtime bag. Such fun with endless possibilities.”

Johanne T.