The Grown Up Pin Badge

Sarah Haran leather tassel

It doesn’t really matter what decade you were there, so many of us are united in the unshakable memories of our school days. Years of jam roly-poly for pudding, battling the pimples and contraband uniform customization. Did you roll your skirt up at the waist to flash more knee? Shorten your tie? Or cover every inch of your satchel and the inside of your blazer with pin badges: perfect little proclamations of your adoration for Marc Bolan, Simon Le Bon, Bono or Bros? 

Whether you wore Ban The Bomb or a Prefect pin, it’s likely you left the badges behind, along with knee-high socks and butterfly hair clips. Good to know however, there was no need to! Sarah Haran has designed an entirely age-appropriate way to customise your contemporary wardrobe. Handmade tassels, made in the U.K. from premium leather, can be used for your keys or to adorn your handbag. We also have changeable straps and a range of coloured leather strips designed for your Dahlia. They’re chic, fun and the perfect way to personalise your bag.   

A good quality, classic handbag like the Dahlia is built to last, and goes with everything. It's adaptability and perfectly proportioned pockets remove the stress of rifling through when searching for purses, reading glasses, or car keys. The joy of our tassels, changeable straps and decorative leather strips (ranging from bright oranges and pinks, to match-all neutrals) is that you can remix your much-loved bag in a flash. Whether you clash or match your new accessories to your bag will likely depend on what type of girl you were at school (because as we know, some things will never change). The Dahlia might be your uniform: trustworthy, functional and beautiful, but when you’re in the mood for a slice of rebellion, there's nothing better than a contrasting Sarah Haran tassel