Small but Mighty

ivy zebra image

Bags come in different shape and sizes. Small doesn’t mean impractical. Rather the opposite. I prefer crossbody bags that are secure (always with a top zip) and sturdy. I also always insist on an inside zip-up pocket to keep my most treasured items in a safe place together.

But don’t be misled by its size. You’ll be surprised how much a small crossbody bag can carry. Anything between 10 – 12 items is my average. I’ve been quite happily walking around with my Sarah Haran Ivy Clutch for almost a year. From morning school-run to evening networking events, Ivy has become like the most reliable assistant to me. I can walk, I can run, I can carry shopping bags and even push the kid’s bike if needed. She’s always there, working hard for me day in day out.

Being hands-free most of the time is a massive bonus. As women, we constantly multitask and so having all your possessions on you while you can do other things is so important. Priceless. Yes, tote bags are nice and yes, you can put your laptop in them, but if you’re heading out to do your daily errands, Ivy is your best friend.

Small is definitely mighty. The zebra print design is back at production just now, however there are many more gorgeous designs of the Ivy to choose from here. Also don't forget to check out the Lily and brand new Iris handbags which are also small but mighty!