Pastel Power

I don’t know anyone who doesn’t like pastel colours, or at least some of them. Pastels in general are less saturated than primary colours, which make them lighter and calmer. Softness and femininity (by no means not only restricted to females!) are also typical characteristics of the pastel palette.

So how can we achieve powerful impact with something that is soft and gentle? In interiors it’s a well-known fact that pastels create a more intellectual environment rather than an emotional one produced by stronger, sharper hues.

If you want to achieve sophistication, pastels should be high on your list. From my experience treating pastels like neutrals is a great starting point. What’s more, creating contrast with stronger accents can be something that one can play with endlessly.

But balance is key. Small touches here and there are enough otherwise you’ll overpower the softness and elegance of pastel tones. This could be in form of statement earrings or a belt. In interiors a thin trim on curtains or cushions is equally enough to add more dimension to your otherwise soft colour scheme.

The great thing about pastels is that they all go very well together. The dilemma of what goes with what colour is completely eliminated. If you want a quick solution or an update, start with two pastels. It can be lilac with peach, sky blue with sugary pink. White can be also added for an extra touch of cleanliness.

Get inspired by nature, flowers and blooming trees such as magnolia are in particular great source of inspiration.

Here are my favourite pastels: