Our Naming Convention

Flowers are bountiful, they charm us and bring happiness, fragrance and beauty to our lives and have done throughout the ages.  I am totally inspired by flowers and the timeless nature they represent.

When I first imagined my luxury accessories business I knew I wanted a naming convention for our products that not only symbolised something I was interested in but helped illustrate the beauty of our designs. In the late 19th century, naming children, homes and favourite articles after flowers, plants and trees was a common and a popular practice. Naming our handbags after flowers and trees aligns us with the timeless beauty that flowers bring into our life. When I name our handbags I think of flowers or trees that best depict my designs.

For instance, take the Dahlia, it is a beautiful flower with many layers made up of one flower rather than lots of individual petals. Like the flower our Dahlia handbag has layers of style and versatility. Not only does the Dahlia conjure up a vision of elegance, but when given as a gift, the Dahlia flower expresses sentiments of dignity and is the symbol of a commitment and a bond that lasts forever – just like a Dahlia handbag.

Ivy is usually seen clinging to buildings and trees and is one of the UK’s few native evergreen plants. Sadly, this woody climber is a much maligned species and is often accused of strangling trees but when kept under control it provides all year round greenery. I think the Ivy should be celebrated and valued for the pivotal role it plays in providing wildlife with food and shelter. The Ivy plays provides a key function in our handbag range as it forms the basis of easy style updates.

I chose the Daisy as the inspiration for my shopper tote as in the Victorian times this flower symbolised innocence, purity, new beginnings and loyalty– a great present for a new mother or someone starting a new job.  When you give someone a Daisy it also means that you’ll keep someone’s secret – your saying that “I vow never to tell anyone”. Knowing this inspired me to make the internal pocket a place where you can hide your personal belongings and turn the pocket round so that no one can actually see what the pocket contains. You can also take the pocket out of the handbag and take it with you wherever you go so you can keep your secrets close.

Iris is such a strong flower and means “rainbow” due to the wide range of colours that she can be grown in, gardeners love the Iris because she is strong and hardy and is easy to grow. Our Iris saddle bag comes in a range of colours and is a luxurious addition to your everyday life.

The Lily symbolises humility and devotion and that’s what we thought of when naming our mini cross body bags. A handbag that will be devoted to keeping your belongings safe and close to you, hands free with the ability to clip another Lily to it so you have separate pockets to “file” your belongings.

Lupins are symbolic of imagination which for me seemed a great name for our Lupin Pouch. You can simply use your imagination as to what you want to keep in this very versatile leather pouch! You can also use it for all occasions so the only limit is your own imagination.

Like flowers and trees our handbags are timeless and beautiful, an accessory that can bring pleasure to your life. We carry our handbags everywhere in style and they are the perfect accessory to help keep us organised to meet every challenge the day can bring.  From Dahlia to Iris, Ivy, Daisy and Lily I have chosen flower names that inspire me to create wonderful handbags.