Note to Self - Making Old School Organisation Look Chic

In a touchscreen world of typing and swiping, there is something undeniably elegant about using a beautiful notebook. As our lives become more dependent on digital keyboards and pin-pad devices, we’re yearning to reconnect with the physical world that we once took for granted.

The simplicity of a notebook connects us with the past – they’re reminiscent of schooldays or secret teenage diaries. Who can deny the pleasure of peeling open brand new pages to reveal that familiar smell of fresh paper? Crisp, clean and awash with endless possibilities. The popularity of traditional, analogue methods of organisation are on the increase, as we grow increasingly tired of spending our days typing, and are opting instead to pick up a pen (remember those?) and immerse ourselves in the art of writing. Jotting down ideas, memories, musings or even just keeping a To Do list feels much more romantic when it’s done using a notebook – and there’s no need for wi-fi!

Proportion is crucial, because a great notebook needs to be easily portable otherwise there’s the risk of it being left at home, unused. To make sure this doesn’t happen, Sarah Haran has developed a limited edition collection of notebooks bound using the finest quality Italian leathers, which are perfectly sized to fit inside your handbag. Lined on the inside front and back covers with a timeless print by William Morris, they’ve been designed to last, with luxurious paper stock that’s ideal for use with pencil, biro or ink. Each one is handmade using leather leftover from the production of her handbags, making full and respectful use of every part of the hide.

In true Sarah Haran fashion, there’s a clever twist. For every notebook sold, £11 is donated to Smart Works – a UK charity that provides smart, fit-for-purpose interview clothing, styling advice and training to women in need. With help from Smart Works, 1 in 2 women of every woman supported by the charity go on to be successful in their pursuit of a new job. With the knowledge that the purchase of every Sarah Haran notebook helps another woman to start a brand new, exciting chapter in her life, there’s really no better reason to stay organised.