Made in Britain Interview

sarah haran at work

Tell us a little bit about what you do? Sarah Haran create Luxury Leather Handbags and Accessories, thoughtfully designed and Made in Britain. Sarah Haran handbags are designed with a straight-forward, functional approach that has resulted in the creation of a range of luxurious, modular handbags that are both versatile and long-lasting. Functional, ethical and affordable they are perfect for carrying your life in style. Our products are individually produced and crafted by hand by each artisan, using the finest British and Italian leathers and are hand finished with silver or gold details. We also offer a bespoke handbag service where you can liaise with Sarah Haran to create the handbag of your dreams.

What’s your favourite way to start the day and when do you start work? I start the day by going to the gym when I can. I know that sounds mad but I find it gets me going in the morning. I tend to start work first thing so that I can get all administration out of the way and free up as much of the day for production and then of course sales and marketing. 

Where/what is your work? Describe the setting for us. I have a studio attached to the side of my house. It was originally a dingy garage but is now a very modern small studio space. In here I can store all my leathers and cut out my samples when designing new handbags and of course make any handbags. I also have a studio in my house which is where all the creative thinking goes on.

Why do you do what you do? I love creating all sorts of fashion accessories, but my heart lies in making beautiful functional stylish handbags. It sounds odd, but the joy I get in creating something that is so personal to each wearer, yet is an everyday acessory that most ladies simply cannot do without – that thought just excites me so much. The appreciation I then get from my Sarah Haran friends and customers makes it all worthwhile. 

Can you sum up your ethos and what inspires you? Functional versatility is the driving force behind Sarah Haran and has always been at the forefront of my design ethos. I am inspired by products that allow me to organise my life. 

Favourite design icon? Oh there are so many but I particularly admire the timelessness of Chanel and Dior, the amazing creativity of Anya Hindmarch and of course the history and longevity of Mulberry. Victoria Beckham is also greatly admired for her clean cut dresses in my studio! All true icons that are always on trend. 

What do you like to do for lunch? I always seem to be rushing around but try to make time for a soup or a salad to keep my energy levels up! A few smoothies and a sneaky cake every so often always goes down well at lunch. 

What keeps you going through the day? Deadlines and knowing I am creating products that other people will love to use. 

Best moment so far in your business? There have been a few but I think seeing my products come to life after an intense design phase that ends up with the handbags being worn by both customers and celebrities. 

What are you most proud of? Actually getting the business off the ground. It’s so easy to moan about everyday life and do nothing about finding what will make you happy. Taking the plunge and starting Sarah Haran has made me proud of myself 

In a nutshell, what’s special/unique about what you do? Sarah Haran handbags are thoughtfully designed to empower women in their everyday life's. 

How important is sourcing British/local to you – and why? Fundamental. I never wanted to be designing handbags made in high volumes in far away places. I wanted full control over both my supply chain and my manufacturing. It’s the only way I can fully ensure perfect British products.