Life is better with a tan!

Set the tone for your wardrobe with our favourite leather bags in versatile shades of tan.
Tan earns its name from the process of making leather; the process owes its name to the old German word for oak trees - tannin - that produce a compound used in tanning.
Tan is considered a neutral, and can be paired with almost any other colour to complement it. 
But what does the colour tan represents..?
Interestingly, it's also reflects a pure and humble nature. 
In the fashion industry, the combination of tan with any other colour represents elegance and elite class. Who knew?!
We recently ran an Exclusive Edit  of the dusky pink Michelle with the tan Ivy which was massively popular. We have fallen in love with this colour combo and have created a few more ideas for you to try.
And, of course, our resident stylist, Alison, has created 7 different looks using the tan Dahlia 2-in-1 as the starting point for each outfit. 
1. Shake your pom-poms!
Adding a pom-pom accessory to your handbag adds a more youthful and playful touch, making a more serious look feel more relaxed.
2. Clash of the prints
Clashing of prints is a huge trend that you will see many people doing head to toe. If you don't feel brave enough to do that, start small like pictured below.
3. That's mint!
Pastelcolours go beautifully with tan and provide a calming and soothing touch to any outfit. A modern colour combination that looks good enough to eat!

4. A touch of class
A handbag will let you ease animal print in to allow you to jazz up your outfit. A clashing blouse adds that little bit of extra edginess, whilst the plain trousers and shoes keep the look balanced. 

5. Pretty in pleats
There is something so wonderfully feminine and striking about a pleated midi skirt, that you don't want anything to take the attention away from it. Teaming a matching clutch bag with this look is the perfect addition to keep eyes in all the right places. 
6. Power dressing 
This look is the definition of having the confidence to dress to express who you are. The right outfit can work like a suit of armour to boost your inner confidence so you look the part and feel it too. The strong and feminine silhouette of this dress screams 'girl boss' and works wonders with a touch of exotic print on your handbag. 
7. Western chic 
Jeans may be our go-to when it comes to denim, but this season, it's all about the dress. Denim is such a versatile material that will live a long and happy life in our wardrobes (just like our Sarah Haran bags!) There is a style to suit everyone and denim and tan is the ultimate combination that will never go out of fashion. Adding a contrasting tassel to your Ivy clutch will give this casual look an extra edge. 

All the restyle accessories pictured in these looks can be found here.