Meet Lisa Palompo

Female confidence has many different forms. As part of our celebration of woman and confidence, we’re photographing some of the most confident and inspiring women we know alongside their favourite Sarah Haran handbags. Each of our bags help women organise their lives at work and at play and are designed to help you feel self-assured in any situation.

Lisa Palompo, pictured here alongside her Dahlia, runs her own successful PR company in Scotland, is a mother to two, and hosts her own podcast where she interviews incredible brand owners about their business, and the path they took to get where they are now.


We talked to Lisa about female confidence, her tips on doing self-promotion right, juggling work with kids, and the best work style…


Your career in PR has seen you promote countless businesses and their founders. When it comes to promoting yourself and your own business, does it come easily?


Such a good question, but yes, it is hard to PR yourself because you need to think about yourself from another perspective!


Do you have any tips or strategies for women who might find self-promotion a tricky part of business?


Own your story! What is your story and what is unique to you? Get a close friend or business partner (or even better a PR professional!) to help you find your 'story'.


How has working in your industry shaped your workplace confidence?


The PR and media industry forces you out of your comfort zone, so being thrown in at the deep end and raising my hand to opportunities has shaped my confidence.


What advice would you give to women who might struggle with workplace confidence?


I'd say to try and forget what others think - what do you think? That is important. Is it the perceived opinion of others that is making you anxious? I find it often is. Try and look more deeply into yourself and think why that is, what are your triggers? What makes you confident outside the workplace and how can you add that to the workplace instead?


Multi-tasking is a PR superpower. How do you plan and juggle your day to fit everything in around the kids? What tips would you pass on?


LISTS! Plus asking for help - the school run, the pick-up from after school clubs - do lots of favours when you can, so you have a bank of opportunities to ask for help. Get a solid WhatsApp group set up of those that you know you can lean on and that can lean on you. 


There have been so many amazing books and conversations in recent years that put a spotlight on how tough it can be for women to reach leadership roles. Some lines of thought put an emphasis on women holding themselves back through a lack of confidence. Do you think that’s the whole picture or are there other factors at play?


Confidence plus perception, we are often held back by our perceived perception that others may have. We need to let go of that, it is hard, but it can be done.


The world is a very different place now compared to ten years ago. Which issues mean the most to you right now and why?


Plastic packaging and recycling plus health and wellness! My kids are being brought up with a totally different take on health and wellness and the environment that my generation - they inspire me.

Lisa with her Ivy

Lisa on style…


How has your style changed over the years?


 It has evolved but that’s because I consciously shop better, I think, I consider every purchase and I return things!


What does ‘dressing for confidence’ mean for you?


Owning your own style, don't be swayed by others and try to know your look. 


Is ‘dressing for confidence’ important to you, why and how do you achieve it?


Absolutely, yes. Invest in a good bag and a good blazer!


How do you use your Sarah Haran bags?


A mix of work and weekend wear, my Ivy for weekends or worn cross body with a rucksack for work trips. Then the Dahlia in Dusty Pink or Navy for when I want to make a statement.


How do they help you do your job?


They fit my laptop perfectly with space for keys, phone, battery pack! Perfect.


What are your favourite clothing brands for your work wardrobe?


 Cos, H&M, M&S Autograph and Mint Velvet.


Lisa with her Dahlia