I Do! (but maybe I don’t)

grey ivy pearl

The heat might finally be off for Meghan’s friends and the Markle family, but many of us are just embarking on wedding season. It’s a veritable assault course of gifting, dating, dressing and dodgy fascinators. Feeling anxious? Worry not, read on...

  • Save sugared almonds for the table settings. Matching pastel pantsuits, or sickly sweet accessorising feels as passé as a polyester meringue bridal dress. If you’re wearing a soft shade don’t be scared of a cobolt blue or fuschia pink bag. More importantly, please don’t feel like you need to find shoes in a matching shade. Contrast colour blocking is a far more contemporary approach.
  • Avoid the wedding section in department stores. There are so many beautiful prints (including flora and fauna) on the high street; don’t feel you need to shop in the wedding section to be dressed appropriately. Don’t waste time and money hunting for a handbag that exactly matches one of the colours in the print of your dress. Instead, opt for a grey either in classic Italian calf leather, or a slightly metallic pearl grey.
  • If your dress has lace trim or detailing, don’t be tempted to match this with lacy shoes or a lace covered clutch. A Lily Mini in Shagreen, and simple leather sandals or block heels will feel far more up-to-date.
  • Try to avoid satin ribbons. Lots of frocks aimed at wedding guests are covered in surprise bows, ribbon lacing or the dreaded matching satin belt. Swap this for a vintage silk scarf. And swap your handbag’s leather strap for a chain will keep it formal but not fussy.
  • Unless it explicitly states in the invitation that it’s necessary … the best headwear is often a well-executed, professional blow dry.

Just because it’s their big day, it doesn’t need to be a big stress. As long as you don’t wear white you’ll be fine. Oh, and if you’ve been roped into bridesmaiding then unfortunately none of the above apply, as the situation is totally out of your hands. You’ll just have to wait until you can get your own back!