How To Dress For Your Career


Many people know that a well-received image is essential in any industry, but few can adequately define what "image" means. Image is simply the set of qualities and characteristics that represent perceptions of your competence and character as judged by others. As you will imagine, a huge part of your image is your outfit.

Working on your professional image is a worthy goal, and can positively affect your life outside of work as well.

Looking the part does not necessarily mean wearing a suit. You should dress appropriately for the role and the industry that you are in, whilst remaining true to your personal style. This doesn’t necessarily mean keeping up with the latest trends, but rather- maintaining a professional and put-together image as a successful career woman in your industry.

If you are sick of wearing the same professional outfits week after week, these new suggestions will provide new inspiration for your professional career wardrobe:

Traditional Careers


For traditional careers like banking, accounting, finance, engineering, law, and corporate positions, you’ll need a look that conveys competence and authority. Classic cuts and styles tend to work better in these roles as do darker base neutral colours such as black, dark grey and dark navy. These should be complemented with tops, blouses or shirts lighter, muted colours. If in doubt, opt for a monochrome look in simple black and white, adding texture in form of accessories. This Carlina textured bag adds sophistication to what might otherwise have been a ‘boring’ outfit. Remember, brooches provide a stylish and professional alternative to necklaces.

Technical Careers


For those pursuing technical careers in areas like engineering, information technology, sciences, etc., a clean look that conveys knowledge, innovation, and approachability is important. According to colour psychology, both blue and green have most of the characteristics described above. Play around with various shades in these colours to achieve a varied range of outfit combinations. Navy (a shade of blue) is a fabulous neutral which can be complemented with any other colour. I am in love with this Dahlia tote in Khaki, a great alternative to black.

People-Focused Careers


People focused careers such as counselling, teaching, sales, and social work, require an image that projects expertise but approachability. One of the best ways to achieve this image is combining navy and dark brown neutrals with warm, subtle colours such as peach, beige or cream. This Dahlia dark brown tote will complement any lighter warm colours in your outfit to produce a balanced, sophisticated and timeless look.

Creative Careers


The most opportunity for expression of personal style can be found in creative careers like advertising, art, design, and entertainment, to name a few. In these fields you’ll need a contemporary image that conveys creativity, innovation, and competence. Whilst other career outfits will tend to be more conservative, Creative career outfits can be more colourful and dramatic. Opt for a colourful pair of patterned trousers or skirt paired with a dark navy top (hello, it works with every colour on the planet!). Complete the look by choosing accessories such as shoes and bag in one or two colours that match the ones in the skirt/trousers. This Electric Blue Carlina bag will complement colourful outfit containing blue perfectly.

I hope the post was useful in providing some fresh ideas for your professional career wardrobe.

Till next time,

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