VVA Going Global

One of the key USP's of a VVA handbag is the versatility that our handbags offer you, it really is part of our brand DNA and gives you the ability to style your handbag for any type of event, place you visit,  or occasion. You can style it or change it to simply suit how you feel. A VVA handbag is all about empowering you!

With that in mind a VVA handbag has great appeal and is particularly good for travelling. I thought you would be interested in seeing the places that our handbags have travelled recently:

From Russia with Love - Lisa Starchak using her Pink Aster Handbag

Lisa in Russia

In complete contrast Linda took her Red Dahlia handbag to New Zealand. In this picture she is visiting the Strastosphere Restaurant in Rotarua and removed the front pocket Ivy to use separately for the evening.  After all who needs a large handbag for a night out!


Linda in New Zealand

When you visit the Great Wall of China you need to have your wits about you and carrying your full Dahlia is not necessary. Audrey walked the walk with her Ivy front pocket clutch in Chocolate Brown, worn hands free and cross body:

 ivy in china

Diane lives in Paris and she is a great fan of VVA, here she is sporting the Dahlia handbag in Bluebell. A wonderful colour for Summer. Look how she has used the handbag on two different occasions -1 dress, 1 handbag, what more do you need?

Diane in Paris

Susie is in Portugal right now and the handbag of choice is the Dahlia in gold. The perfect size for taking on the plane as you can fit in all you need for a four hour flight and then cut down your daily essentials and fit them into the front pocket Ivy for storing daily excursion essentials and dressing up for evening glamour:

gold handbag

So there you have it our handbags are the essential handbag to take with you wherever you go! I am truly grateful that our fan base is growing and that VVA Handbags are becoming more popular. It's a tough gig, but I love it, and thank you all for supporting us.

Best wishes 

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