Handbags that Keep You Organised

We all have different lifestyles, jobs, family life and schedules that can make our day-to-day lives busy and hectic. As a result it is important to stay organised to ensure we make the most of everyday, without any added stress. 

Our handbags are designed to help the modern busy woman stay organised. Here is how a Sarah Haran luxury handbag will help keep you and your life organised:


We use the finest pig split suede lining which feels soft to touch and the colour never bleeds. We choose only light inducing colours for our lining to ensure you can see and find your belongings easily - no more pulling everything out of your handbag to find that one item. 

There is nothing worse than the interior pockets of your handbag pulling away from the lining over time, that is why all of our pockets are double stitched at the top to avoid this from happening - very useful, if you are like us, for when you put lots of items in the interior pockets.




A good handbag is nothing without lots of internal storage to keep your life organised. Our intelligent pocket design in each of our handbags is perfect to store pens, make up, note books and receipts. Never lose important stuff in your handbag again!

Most of our handbags also include an interior key chain, where you can easily hook your keys and they are always available quickly and easily without the fuss of rummaging through your handbag.


Leather Straps

We all like to have different options when it comes to carrying our handbag. Some of us like to hook it over the arm or others prefer to have a shoulder strap. The beauty of a Sarah Haran handbag is that you have the choice. Our leather straps have been designed so that they are not bulky or uncomfortable on your shoulder. You have the option to remove the leather strap completely or you can extend it by adding a beautiful chain that can also be used on its own. 



Adaptable 2-in-1 bags

Day to night handbag hell is solved with the Dahlia removable front pocket. All of our handbags have intelligent designs with removable pockets that can be used independently. 

The removable front pockets also mean you will never get bored of your handbag, you can swap front pocket to suit your mood, outfit or occasion.