Fashion Shoot in Croatia

VVA departed for their first overseas fashion shoot! Well that sounds much grander than it actually was! So what was I doing? I have enrolled myself on a course - Mastered Accessories - to help me turn VVA into a successful lifestyle accessories brand. My skills have been in IT Ops rather than fashion branding so I think I need a few tips on how to grow and develop VVA for global domination. The course is 10 months and this trip was the third module. 

Firstly though, here are some pictures that I managed to take on the morning of the second day. I know you will think it was a bit of a "scive" but trust me when I tell you it was harder than it looked! Stay with me on this as I only had two hours to do a whistle stop tour of Dubrovnik before the fashion shoot meet up. So a race round the Old Town:  

pictures of croatia

Next stop - fashion shoot preparation. Of course a key part of preparation (like in most jobs I guess) is to know exactly what you are going to do on the day. So in this case we had to decide how we were going to present VVA in an editorial fashion shoot which required me to learn how creatives think when it comes to transmitting a voice for a brand.

In my team (Team 19) were two Make Up Artists, one Fashion Stylist, two Photographers and one Hair Stylist. As you can imagine, just like my job in IT, the personalities were knocking heads pretty quickly as they wanted to get their views over. Luckily we had a chaperone to help guide us - Tom from Mastered and a mentor - Mackie who is a Brand Consultant @mackimac and Artist Agent @saintlukeartists. Mackie made sure we were able to create a "story" for the fashion shoot.

Building our Story:

fashion shoot preparation

Our story after much debate, sorting of images and brand discussion was about a  girl who had been abandoned on a remote island and her transformation from an etheral lonely soul to a girl in control of her destiny.

So having defined the story it was time to chose the clothing and try out hair and make up:

shoot preparation with clothes, hair and make up

Then the shoot began. Three hours later, after 2 location shoots we have the results below. Now whilst I don't think these pictures will quite capture the imagination of the VVA woman, I do think the pictures as individual shoots are beautiful and do tell the story of the lost girl finding herself and becoming a stronger woman for it. The whole point of the module was to learn to collaborate with a set of fashion professionals and to be working towards the same story and in this case we achieved what we set out to do.

Images for final pictures for the fashion shoot

That's all for now

Best wishes

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