Designing the Lily

pictures of lily handbag in greenThere are days when a smaller handbag is just what you need, when you want to downsize the amount of stuff you are carrying. This is where our mini cross body handbag comes to the rescue.

Designed because I had received requests for a smaller pouch handbag that could be used as an insertion in our Dahlia handbag or separately as small bag for evenings or casual moments when you simply do not need a large handbag.

So with the design brief clear in my head I began the process of design. It was important that the handbag was not over sized, that it had the same internal finish as our other handbags - using our signature neoprene lining and had a zip at the top making it easy to open and if you need to put more stuff in the bag then it naturally expands. To complete the look the cross body strap was designed using our beautiful silver nickel chain. 

For extra versatility the handbag can also be joined to another Lily to create your own personal touch when styling the handbag to match your outfit. Its very easy to do by simply clipping the bags together using snap hooks on the end of the chain strap. This mix and match ability is great as you really can design your own combination.

After much testing it was time to name the handbag. This time I chose the Lily as my inspiration for the naming.  Unlike most other flowers, the perennial Lily never truly goes dormant. The strength and beauty of this flower has cemented its place in the cultures of the world and with such an elegant look, it’s no wonder the flower means

  • royalty and regal bearing
  • purity and the beauty of youth
  • passion and drive
  • renewal and rebirth

There are hundreds of different true lilies but they all fall under the same Lilium genus.  Lilium is a Latin term and was derived from the Greek term leirion, a word that traces back through numerous civilisations to one of the first words for flower. This shows the importance of the Lily flower through the centuries and millenia! 

images of the lily flower

"Take a regal stance and embrace your own power. Remember that renewal is just around the corner and that the end of one thing heralds the beginning of another".  A very fitting thought for a Sarah Haran handbag.