Designing the Daisy

daisy sketch when designing the bag

I decided to design a larger tote handbag as I wanted a larger more casual approach for my new career. Rather than carrying files and contracts I am now carrying leather and fabric samples, my computer of course and also a range of handbag hardware samples. My aim was to create a handbag that not only held the stuff I needed but was durable and above all light weight and hard wearing.

Of course I also wanted the handbag to include the signature elements of our handbags - a removable pocket and an interchangeable tassel. The pocket in the Daisy is easy to remove and can be used as a separate clutch for when you want to downsize. I have used it on many holidays and it is the perfect size for glasses, credit cards, keys and other personal essentials.

daisy handbag in red

The internal organisational aspects of this tote are also excellent. I have included a "tool bar" inside the handbag where you can hang the internal leather pocket that has 2 compartments and you can attach a separate pouch to house your glasses or I Phone (up to IPhone 6 S). This removable pouch is great as you can use it in our other handbags as well. The final organising point is the leather key strap that hangs off the pocket ensuring you never lose your keys in your handbag.

Once the handbag was fully designed and tested it was time to chose a name. I decided upon the Daisy flower as my inspiration for a name for this handbag, not only does the flower conjure up a lovely casual image but in the Victorian times this flower symbolised innocence, purity, new beginnings and loyalty. When you give someone a Daisy it also means that you’ll keep someone’s secret – your saying that “I vow never to tell anyone”. Knowing this inspired me to make the internal pocket a place where you can hide your personal belongings and turn the pocket round so that no one can actually see what the pocket contains. You can also take the pocket out of the handbag and take it with you wherever you go so you can keep your secrets close.


I am in love with this handbag and have had great times with it already. Its versatility together with its lightness when carrying makes it the perfect Tote. I really hope that you enjoy this handbag as much as I have.