Creating the Backpack

As those of you have been part of our community will know, we have been working on the design of our latest creation - the Backpack for a few months now. We wanted to get it perfect, test it out and of course get your feedback. Before we got our final sample made, we asked you to help us with the finishing touches, and the feedback you gave us helped us put the final creation together.

We have to say that we are delighted with the bag and we are confident you are going to love it! Sarah is going to show you the changes we made to the final sample (made in a special sample fabric that feels and moves like leather).

When thinking about creating this bag, we were inspired by your feedback of being able to carry one bag that still looked smart, was functional and could be worn as a backpack. You wanted to use it in an office environment, at the weekends and when travelling. We also listened to your feedback about wanting enhanced security with a zip closure and a solution for ensuring no one could dip into the front pouch Ivy particularly if the bag was on your back.

How does the design connect with the current collection? 

Our brand is all about beautiful & functional handbags that can be worn in several ways and styled to suit your every occasion.  We think this backpack bag definitely ticks that box. Not only can you carry it as a smart handbag but you can carry it wear it on your back, as a cross body handbag, wear it over your arm or remove the front clutch for an evening mini bag! 

What problem does this bag solve? 

This tote handbag will help keep your organised as you go about your day, whatever life throws at you. Being able to style it for your every occasion makes it the perfect choice.  It is also comfortable to wear, you can find everything in it due to the multitude of pockets (including a 13" laptop) and you can take it looks incredibly stylish. 

What are the features and functionality of the bag? 

Just like our Dahlia 2-in-1 Tote and our Jessica Overnight bag, the Backpack comes with a detachable Ivy at the front, which can be worn on its own as a clutch or with the chain strap. The chain also doubles up as a key chain, to make sure you don't lose your keys at the bottom of the bag! There is a large internal pocket for your laptop, with additional pockets for smaller belongings. One of our favourite new features is the water bottle holder - a fantastic way of knowing your bottle won't spill over in your bag! There is also an oversized zip pocket to put your essentials that you want to keep extra safe.

What about safety? 

One of the main areas of feedback we got from the original sample, was that the way the Ivy was attached made it more vulnerable to thieves. So, we added an additional flap ensuring it is extra secure. As the T-bar tassel goes right through the flap, then the Ivy and the eyelet on the backpack - it makes it pretty much impossible to come loose. 

Let's see!

Ok - so, this is where we started. You may remember these pics from a couple of months back. 

And this is where we are at now... 


Big difference, right?!