Caring for your bag

When you’ve invested in a luxury handcrafted handbag, looking after it is a must. Taking the steps to care for your luxury leather handbag will ensure it will last for years to come!

Of course all handbags made from natural leathers will age over time, but just like your own skin, if you take the time to care for it your handbag will remain in tip-top condition. The ageing effect of leather is called the bag’s ‘Patina’ and the aging effect will inevitably happen to every leather handbag. A desired effect, the Patina of a bag that’s been well cared for has the most beautiful finish and really tells the story of each handcrafted leather handbag.

If you are using your bag daily, you should be cleaning it inside & out every 2-3 months. If it's a bag for special occasions, once every 5-6 months should suffice. 

To ensure you’re well equipped with the knowledge to look after your Sarah Haran handbag, make sure you follow our top five tips of caring for your bag…

Tip One

At the risk of sounding like your mother - prevention is better than cure! Protect your bag using our protective spray - it forms a very protective layer against germs and dirt! 

When not in use, always make sure you store your leather handbag in its dust bag or an old pillowcase. You could also stuff it with tissue or newspaper to keep the shape.

Stored in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight, your handcrafted handbag will remain safe and free of dust, dirt and grime.

You could also consider using a protection cream/treatment, however make sure they’re suitable for the type of leather your handbag is made from.

Tip Two

If your handbag does happen to get wet, simply wipe down with a dry cloth, stuff with newspaper and leave it to dry in your kitchen or living room. Please don’t sit it on top of the radiator or in the airing cupboard as these areas are too dry for your hand crafted handbag, causing the leather to dry out!

Once dry just grab your leather cream and smooth over any water marks with a cloth. Remember to spot test any new products on an area not seen by prying eyes!

Tip Three

Spilled some grease on your handbag? Don’t panic!

Firstly, wipe any excess grease off with a cloth/kitchen towel. Over time the grease spot will absorb into the leather, however in the meantime use a mild soap and water and dampen the spot and the area surrounding.

Make sure not to rub too hard as this may damage the leather! Allow to dry in a cool place and then lightly polish with a cloth and leather cream.

Tip Four

Always avoid handling your handbag if you’ve just applied hand cream, or have been eating greasing/oily foods as you’re just asking for grease stains.

And remember to replace the lids on your pens and lipsticks, as this can be a nightmare to remove from the leather!

Tip Five

Lingering smells hanging around inside your handbag? Banish stale smells by leaving an open container of baking power inside your handbag. Place your handbag (carefully!) inside the dustbag or pillowcase and leave for 24 hours. The baking power will soak up any unwanted smells! 

As well as a home clean every few months, your leather handbag will typically need cleaned by a professional every 12-18 months to keep it in pristine condition! We strongly recommend using the products on our website to protect and prevent! 

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