Bags of Joy Quiz

As a bit of lockdown fun, we have put together a Bags of Joy quiz to see just how much of a die-hard Sarah Haran fan you really are! How many can you get right? Send your answers by email by 5pm on Thursday 12th November. All correct entries will be put in a hat and one lucky winner will win a mystery prize... 

Good luck! 

1. Before rebranding to be called Sarah Haran, we used to be called VVA. But what did VVA stand for? 

2. At the start of the year, Sarah appeared on Zara Janjua's 'Ask For More' podcast with Jenni Falconer. Sarah set Jenni a challenge - but what bag was involved in this challenge? 

3. What was the first bag that Sarah designed? 

4. What are the names of our handbags mostly inspired by? 

5. You ladies love our pom-poms! But what nickname have they been given in recent months? 

6. Lesley recently joined our team as customer service and stock manager, but what job did she leave to join the Joy Squad? 

7. How many pockets would you find inside a Dahlia Bloom? 

8. What is the name of Martina's puppy? 

9. Anthea Turner is our beautiful brand ambassador, but what bag and in what colour was the first piece of Sarah Haran she owned? 

10. How many bags featured in the group photo from Kim Ford's Bags of Joy summer gathering? 

11. We recently did Strictly Come Dancing themed Edits. But what 4 dances were the Edits named after? 

12. What is the term our Bags of Joy club use when they make a Sarah Haran purchase - perhaps by accident? 

13. What was the fastest selling Ivy of 2020? 

14. What is Sarah's favourite colour?

15. Who was the first recipient of our first ever Box of Joy during lockdown in April? 

16. How many white Sarah Haran boxes does our best customer in Australia have? 

17. What colour of bag was featured in our first ever Exclusive Edit? 

18. Which TV broadcasting beauty is hosting our Bags of Christmas Joy event? 

19. In what Scottish village are our headquarters based? 

20. What was Sarah's inspiration for starting the business? 

Send your answers to