We all came across the phrase “Bag for Life”, right? After many disappointing experiences with supermarket “bags for life” I felt little bit deflated that I bought into the story. I didn’t really understand what it means to have a bag for life. 

Only after I found VVA by Sarah Haran bags, I realised its true definition. To me, a bag for life is a fashion accessory with superior practicality. Now, I must admit that I carry a lot in my bags. As my husband says I have probably everything in there apart from the kitchen sink. Haha! How funny! But yes, I definitely put my bags under serious pressure. From the obvious such as a purse, keys and my mobile phone, I also carry heavy magazine copies, business cards, about half a dozen lipsticks, two nail polishes, silk scarves, catalogues, lookbooks and other people’s business cards. If it’s a day-out, I also have two bottles of water, sandwiches and crisps, not forgetting to mention crayons from a local TGI Friday’s and anything which my two offsprings happily offload onto me as we go along. By the time my bag is full, it weighs probably as much as me. Okay, little bit less. But you know what I mean. 

The most surprising, rewarding and exciting thing about it all is that my bag doesn’t mind that kind of pressure. Normally, I would notice some wear and tear; the zip would break or somehow a hole appears in the corner. But not my bag for life. It keeps holding, it keeps serving. It gives me support when I need it, I can rely on it. And that’s very rare. I don’t need loads of bags in my wardrobe, I just need the one that works hard for me. 


Quality can mean many things. Most of us associate it with durable materials and well-made design but I would add one more – the ability to fit into one’s busy life, and making things easier. That’s worth the investment, don’t you think?



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